To place an order of Lil’s Lite Bytes

Email: Lils@LilsLiteBytes.com

Phone: (908) 295-3503


“Classic Collection”

  • Chocolate Rubies (V)          

  • Coco Hearts (V)      

  • Lemon Poppy (V)

  • Orange Zzzest (V)

  • Sun Bytes

Your Choices are…

1) Bakers dozen (13 assorted cookies)

/or, and/

2) Your choice of a bakers dozen (13 cookies) of one flavor.

You may order as many boxes as you wish!

Minimum order is one Bakers Dozen.


“Tea Cakes”

  • Banana Tea Cake   

(optional, topped with walnuts for an additional cost)        

  • Zesty Hazelnut Tea Cake

(optional, topped with fruits/nuts of the season) 

  • Carrot Tea Cake

(optional, topped with walnuts for an additional cost) 

Your Choices are…

1) One of each Tea Cake

/or, and/

2) Three of your choice Tea Cake

Minimum order is three Tea Cakes.




  • Rustic Quinoa Bread

One order of Rustic Quinoa Bread comes with

three mini loaves

(Each mini loaf is a personal serving size)



Notes for Order:

Please call or email to place your order. Include your full mailing address with your order so we can give you a shipping and handling cost.            

*We ship USPS Priority Mail with tracking number (which is sent to you via email)

* Tuesdays are our Baking and Shipping Days for freshest delivery

*Shipped in sealed bags to preserve freshness 

*Cost + shipping and handling 


4 thoughts on “Order

  1. I met you about a month ago at City Market and told you about a gluten free restaurant in Bethesda. The name of the cafe is Lilit Cafe, proprietor; Davinder Singh, phone number 301 654 5454, email; Info@LilitCafe.com.
    Hope to be able to purchase your goodies there soon! ~ Angela

    • Please accept my tardiness in responding to your note. I will look into Lilt Cafe. Now, you can come every Wednesday to the Farmers Market at the main entrance at Georgetown University 2-6pm…Hope to see you there.

  2. Lillibet,
    Please mail one box to
    Martha Redinger 250 West Main St, Suite 201, Cville, VA 22902
    Also, to
    Barbara and Lizzie Smith
    267 Turkey Ridge Rd
    cville, VA 22903

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